We Need A Title!

Most of you know us by now. We (Melisa and I) work with you daily. We enjoy all of our clients. So you know who we are. Think about it, have you ever turned to a co-worker and said “call the ATL people and ask them”.  You know you have! We know you have, so don’t make us name names.

For the last seventeen years we never have had titles.  Aelea (our President) says we can use anything as long as it isn’t President. So who are we to you? If you ask Mel and I who we are our response is pretty much the same, we are the best, D-bomb, second to none, super heroes, work horses, sharpest tools in the shed, rock stars, and much, much more. But we have no clue as to what to call ourselves. This question has prompted this blog…….What do you think we should be called?

 Now I know that some of you just thought of some pretty funny things! Let’s keep it “G” rated otherwise Melisa will be trying to get me to stop crying in the bathroom by the end of the day. Trust me it is not pretty when that happens.

Sometimes we get calls for the “High priestess of toll Free” so of course I put the caller on hold turn to Mel and say” There is a call for the High Priestess of toll free, ……….Can you go get Aelea for me?”  See, she has a title.

So we are leaving this up to you, do not disappoint us.  Our new business cards are waiting for you.  Just a note, I will not put hunk on my business cards no matter how much you beg.  .Humm….. Let’s see “thanks for calling ATL, this is Greg the head hunk” That might not work for Kyle and Tom and they may feel it necessary to challenge me for the title.

It’s up to you.  Try to give us at least some that really can be used.

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