Textify is Coming of Age

After some fits and starts, toll free text enabling is finally settling in.  There are some very stringent rules that have been set by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) and as with everything else, ATL is a big rule follower.  Here are the requirements and what ATL’s customers will need to agree to in order to have a toll free number text enabled.

  1. No text can be sent to a cell number as the initial contact.  The first text must come from the cell phone.
  2. The text enabling must be provisioned through the RespOrg for the number.
  3. A maximum of three texts can be sent for every one received

I think this is a good start.  The new combined cellular and toll free industry is respecting the regulatory authority over toll free numbers, including aggressive requirements to avoid spam, and allowing the cellular companies to protect their networks.  As both industries begin to get some experience with this new technology, there will undoubtedly be changes, but for now, I am good with this and ATL is rearing to go with our product.

We have a new Textify agreement with simplified pricing that is a straight per text cost without a minimum monthly fee.

So call us and find out how you can enhance your toll free services with Textify and remember what my son says, “Why would anyone have a telephone number that you can’t text?”