Quite often we get asked to recommend a new or alternate carrier for our existing and potential customers.  It has long been our policy to apologize for not being able to recommend a carrier because ATL’s business is based on being carrier neutral.  This has never seemed right to us because we are always there to help our customers.  As such, we decided to reimagine our policy.  When asked, we now offer our customers a list of ATL’s Vetted Carriers.

Relying on ATL’s more than 20 years of experience, we have determined that the attributes which lead to the most reliable and highest quality of service are those which we now require from our Vetted Carriers.  An ATL Vetted Carrier must:

  1. Be a customer in good standing with ATL
  2. Have a 24/7 customer service team for disaster recovery
  3. Have direct trunks to at least 2 carriers and actively receive traffic through these trunks

ATL is proud to introduce our first four Vetted Carriers.  We encourage you to consider these vendors when performing your annual disaster recovery analysis.


  •    CCI Network Services, Salt Lake City, UT  

Contact:  Gene Knickrhem at 801-924-9425 or


  •   Pins/Cornerstone, New York, NY

Contact: Michael Lavelle at 212-479-1718 or


  •   USA Digital, Oklahoma City, OK  

Contact: Jake Tullius (or any sales agent) at 888-872-3787 or


  •   X5 Solutions, Inc., Seattle, WA

Contact: Nathan Bledsoe at 206-973-5840 or


If you are interested in an independent analysis of your current TF disaster recovery plans, don’t hesitate to speak with your ATL rep.

If you would like to become one of ATL’s Vetted Carriers, please contact your rep, or if you are not already a customer, call 800-398-5777.