4 Tips To Save Time & Reduce Operating Expense

Are back-end processes hindering your growth? Outdated technologies and cumbersome workflows may have a bigger influence on your organization’s ROI than you think.

One of the most expensive back-end mistakes? Wasting your employees’ time. According to a recent study, employees have become one of the biggest operating expenses for small and large businesses. With employee salaries and benefits significantly impacting your bottom line, a significant shift of back-end processes is in order. Whether you’re rolling out a new offering, launching new sales initiatives, or are simply tired of throwing people at your back-office problems, it’s time to evaluate new solutions.

Here are some actionable ways you can save time and reduce operating expenses:

1. Invest In a One-Stop-Shop for your Back-Office Needs
Fragmented systems are plaguing your business. If you are using multiple applications to manage your operations, it’s time to think about switching to a full, quote-to-cash solution. Rather than spreading your resources into silos, look for an all-in-one solution for generating quotes, activating new orders, rating usage, billing, customer management, support, taxation, and reporting.

2. Utilize Integrations to Eliminate Manual Processes
We know your time is precious, that’s why we’ve built integrations that can help you save time on manual processes. For example, Rev.io’s electronic provisioning and usage-rating platform gives clients a unified customer experience and streamlines internal processes. Our connected platform allows you to manage usage-based billing for any offering – with our quote-to-cash solution you can enjoy shorter time-to-market for new orders, avoid revenue leakage, and improve customer satisfaction. In addition, our NetXUsa integration makes the process even smoother! Watch how it works, here.

3. Take Advantage of a Self-Service Portal for Customers
Wouldn’t it be great if your customers had a way to view billing and usage details, make payments, submit trouble tickets, and view statement and payment history? We have good news for you! Our integrated, customer-facing portal gives Rev.io clients the technology to create a world-class user experience. The best part? The self-service portal will save your team time by reducing the number of support calls. “The easy to use platform comes with the tools we needed to accurately manage billing from quote-to-cash while saving us time by leveraging existing integrations with our applications and processes.” – Kyle Belcher, Director of LNP, ATL Communications.

4. Manage your Agent Channel with Ease
Adopting an indirect sales team can be a huge revenue driver for your business. That being said, it can also create challenges for your billing and financial staff. Rev.io’s Agent Portal can help, offering commissions and account management from one, easy-to-use platform. Your agents will enjoy the visibility into customer details and your staff will thank you, too!

Interested to see how Rev.io’s all-in-one solution can help transform your back-office and, ultimately, your bottom line? Schedule a demo or contact us today.



Olivia is the Senior Marketing Manager for Rev.io. Her experience is in cultivating a positive brand identity, effectively generating B2B demand, managing results-driven marketing campaigns, and developing thought leadership content to nurture and create qualified sales opportunities. Olivia manages all of Rev.io’s marketing efforts; including branding, website messaging and SEO, thought leadership content, educational webinars, blog posts, collateral, events, social media, and press releases.

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