5 Ways To Simplify Your Local Number Porting Process

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It’s one of the most common and standard of all processes for today’s carriers and service providers, but doing it is anything but common and standard. It’s local number porting. It continues to be a slow, tedious, technologically unsophisticated process. However, recent advancements in software development and online technology have led to a new solution that can now alleviate many of the headaches of local number porting.

A Process in Need of an Upgrade

Ask yourself, while the way you’re porting wireline numbers today works, is it efficient? Do you question the complexity of the many processes, portals and resources required to get this job done? Is porting numbers a seamless and satisfying process for your co-workers, customers and business partners? Have you or your co-workers ever set out to simplify your porting process only to realize this daunting initiative is not within your grasp?


Looking back, when the competitive opportunity to offer local number porting first arose with the breakup of the Bell System into “Baby Bells,” it’s no surprise we didn’t have the technology to support the implementation of a simple local number porting process. But with today’s innovations in business integration applications, online transactions and automated processes, we have this technology, and it’s been developed into one solution specifically for local number porting.

Take Advantage of the Power of One

Automate with APIs

Lose the Emails

Know Your Target

Task Management

Porting a phone number shouldn’t be a struggle. It should be simple.

PortControl is a new solution developed to precisely address this need for this new time, as detailed in the five ways above. PortControl offers a frictionless, end-to-end porting experience with an easy-to-use interface and set of tools based on the feedback of hundreds of porting experts.

Ultimately, this solution simplifies the burdensome but necessary processes of local number porting to allow carriers and service providers to improve customer service, eliminate tedious steps, save time, and create a happier workplace.

Here’s how ATL can simplify your local number porting and management:

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Simplified Local Number
Porting Management Platform

The problem is the process for traditional local number porting is complicated and it slows you down. It’s time-consuming and requires enormous resources and high operational costs that leave both you and your customers frustrated. We believe you shouldn’t be struggling with technology in the modern age we live in. PortControl was created with these challenges in mind. The ONE platform that makes local number porting and management simple, fast, and reliable.
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