(855) Release Date Now Official.

855 Announcement.pdf

We just got the official FCC order for 855 that we have been anticipating.  The 855 opening will be October 1, 2010.  In order to get the date set there are a number of issues that are still unresolved and will be debated by the SNAC Committee in the next couple of months.  These include:

  • Will there be replication?  Replication is what happened when the 888 code opened.  End-user customers were allowed to request the seven digit number that matched their 800 numbers.  This was not done in the 877 or 866 code openings, but there are certain SNAC members that want this option.
  • Will there need to be an allocation process in place so that the industry does not run out of numbers between now and October?  At the take rate this week the numbers would last until November 1011, but it swings greatly depending on the week.  There have been weeks when it looked like the numbers wouldn’t last until October 2010.
  • Should there be something put in place so the can’t be such a large run on numbers in the first hour that RespOrgs get shut out?  There were problems in the last code opening.

SNAC continues to work on these issues and will be carefully tracking the number exhaust situation.

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