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Why PortControl?

“We work with several wholesale customers who use our voice switch and were dealing with 4-5 carriers to port a single number. Let me tell you, it was a pain to use all of those platforms/systems and we were wasting way too much time creating, managing, and documenting logins. All of that work to just create and manage our local numbers made us come to a crossroads in which we either had to hire a new employee to manage these services or partner with someone. We obviously picked the latter. We needed to partner with to manage the LNP side of our business. So far, it’s been amazing.”

– Steve Starr, CEO, DayStarr Communications.


Sleepless nights wondering if errors exist in local number porting.

Platform, browser tab, set of APIs, invoice, and support call for all facets of local number porting.

New employees hired to manage a growing local number porting team.


How was your onboarding experience? Did you feel like the training and support documents were useful to you and your team?

“The service and training that we received while switching over to PortControl was perfect. The training videos and documents were great. They allowed us to easily jump into the product and start “tinkering” around and getting used to it.”


Has this solution saved your business money, increased productivity, and/or reduced human error?

“Absolutely, the product has saved us money in many ways. Where do we start? I guess I’ll just run down the list.

  • We did not have to hire additional resources to manage our portals. What a clog in the machine to have to manage all those documents and websites.
  • We saved money by signing with [] vs. Syniverse.
  • The product is just easy to use. PortControl has increased our productivity and reduced human error. It helps us sleep at night knowing things are right.”

What specific features of PortControl were you most impressed with? Where does this product exceed expectations?

“It’s just clean and easy to use with everything being in a single platform. We don’t have to try and remember to login to all these different sites to manage and lookup numbers. The fact that we can just enter a TN directly into the portal and see all its history, who manages it, and create the port all within the same login is just great.”

What features do you hope to see next?

“We would like to see a single platform for all number management and offer TN trunking services. Also, we would like to offer good address/geo-coding validation as we all know that not all the information is easily obtained. Of course, cannot solve the CSR/LSR issue fast enough – what a pain to manage CSR/LSR. Why can’t you all just solve it already!

We want to expand our wholesale opportunity. We want to grow with you all and continue to see where this relationship goes and we’re really excited about the day that we can have local and toll-free number management under a single portal.”

“The product is just easy to use and has increased our productivity and reduced human error. It helps us sleep at night knowing things are right.”

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Owosso, Michigan

About DayStarr

Founded in 2001, DayStarr Communications provides the fastest and most advanced fiber-based communication services in Shiawassee County and parts of Clinton County to businesses and residential customers. DayStarr specializes in highspeed internet up to 1000M (1G), telephone service with local and long-distance phone service with high-definition voice and bundled cable TV packages, as well as cloud-based phone systems to businesses, and wholesale services such as TDM and Ethernet through DayStarr’s fiber lines.

Needless to say, DayStarr is passionate about technology and how it can benefit their customers. They provide unsurpassed, personal, and timely customer service.

DayStarr Communications Services Include:

  • High speed Internet access.
  • Business and residential voice service.
  • Business phone systems.
  • Streaming options
  • Wholesale TDM and Ethernet


We’re dreamers. We challenge traditional thinking, uncovering new possibilities which positively impact and unite our industry. With a focus on innovation, automation, standardization, and the simplification of local number porting complexities, creates necessary change that is propelling telecom forward – inspiring carriers to collaborate.

Carriers who perform local number porting need to understand that they don’t have to settle for technology that was built in the 90s, for the 90s, and has not been improved upon since. We live in 2020, a world where AI, automation, and advancements in technology are expected, yet LNP process optimization has been long forgotten in the eyes of progressive thinkers. You don’t have to settle for less and moving a phone number shouldn’t be a struggle. It should be simple.

PortControl provides a modern, smart, easy to use, API-driven SaaS platform for local number porting that removes complexities and frustration. Query both local and toll-free industry data, maintain updates with NPAC and SOMOS in real time, administrate your network, and port your numbers within one, consistent, end-to-end workflow.

Unlike legacy systems build over a decade ago, we understand the industry’s pain-points. Only delivers a frictionless experience – combining cloud-based architecture, userdriven Agile development, and world-class 24/7/365 customer support making local number porting painless.

PortControl. Local number porting, simplfied.


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