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Why PortControl?

“We were tired of having to login to multiple platforms to manage our local numbers. We had to have a VPN, Token, and Credentials all to just get access to a domain to then start our project. Required to much time management.

We were looking for a one-stop shop, one platform to manage all our porting needs. It was time to remove the red tape and allow us to manage our business in a way that we wanted. We were tired of having to use java and scripts. We wanted someone to do it for us.”
– Jeff Crews, CEO, EONI.

Naturally, the transition to our platform came down to cost and ease of use. Jeff said, “The cost and ease of your product made you stand out from the competition. PortControl is easy to use and from the signature of the contract to being on-boarded in the portal was easy. We were just able to start using it right away.”


Reduction in local number porting resources and associated costs.

Platform, browser tab, set of APIs, invoice, and support call for all facets of local number porting.

VPNs, Key Fobs, or Dongles are required to be internally tracked, managed, and/or to use the platform.


How was your onboarding experience? Did you feel like the training and support documents were useful to you and your team?

“Yes, we found the training and documentation very useful. The team really enjoys the platform and it was a very smooth transition. We appreciate everything that Porting.com does and the great products they offer.”


Has this solution saved your business money, increased productivity, and/or reduced human error?

“Yes. Going through Porting.com versus NPAC [iconectiv] directly has cut our costs associated with local number porting in half. Plus, we no longer have to manage all the different connections to NPAC. We have a single login and access to our local number porting anywhere we want.”

What specific features of PortControl were you most impressed with? Where does this product exceed expectations?

“Honestly, the single login is probably the feature we were most excited about. We love the whole product, but not having all these other requirements just made our life that much better. We finally have a single spot for all our porting needs.”

What features do you hope to see next?

“We would like to see full number management offered by Porting.com. From the pre-port CSR/LSR submission to post-port E911/Text Enablement/CNAM. We know Porting.com is working on the pre-port work now, but having a full number management system that would also include all the post-port activities would be amazing. We would never have to leave your platform for any activities. That would be game-changing for us.

We plan to continue our partnership with Porting.com and collaborate with you until you get our E911/Text/CNAM enabled into your platform. At that point, we will rejoice! We want to help push the limits with you all and we are excited to see all of the upcoming enhancements.”

“Working with the Porting.com team has always been a pleasure. Their awesome platform, backed by smart, solid customer service provides a tremendous value to our team.”

La Grande, Oregon

About EONI

Eastern Oregon Net, Inc. is better known as EONI. Established in 1996, EONI is one of Oregon’s oldest Internet Service Providers. EONI is based in La Grande, OR and primarily serves business and residential customers in
Baker, Union, and Wallowa counties. In 1999, the founders of EONI created PriorityONE Telecommunications, Inc. (PriorityONE) which is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) – a competitive telephone company. PriorityONE is wholly owned by EONI and is the entity providing voice and other services regulated by the Oregon Public Utility Commission.

EONI is proud to offer high speed Internet access delivered over fiber-optic and wireless connections. In addition to Internet access, EONI also offers equipment and services to meet voice, web site, and other related needs.

EONI Services Include:

  • High speed Internet access.
  • Business and residential voice service.
  • Business phone systems.
  • Web site hosting and domain registration

About Porting.com

We’re dreamers. We challenge traditional thinking, uncovering new possibilities which positively impact and unite our industry. With a focus on innovation, automation, standardization, and the simplification of local number porting complexities, Porting.com creates necessary change that is propelling telecom forward – inspiring carriers to collaborate.

Carriers who perform local number porting need to understand that they don’t have to settle for technology that was built in the 90s, for the 90s, and has not been improved upon since. We live in 2020, a world where AI, automation, and advancements in technology are expected, yet LNP process optimization has been long forgotten in the eyes of progressive thinkers. You don’t have to settle for less and moving a phone number shouldn’t be a struggle. It should be simple.

PortControl provides a modern, smart, easy to use, API-driven SaaS platform for local number porting that removes complexities and frustration. Query both local and toll-free industry data, maintain updates with NPAC and SOMOS in real time, administrate your network, and port your numbers within one, consistent, end-to-end workflow.

Unlike legacy systems build over a decade ago, we understand the industry’s pain-points. Only Porting.com delivers a frictionless experience – combining cloud-based architecture, userdriven Agile development, and world-class 24/7/365 customer support making local number porting painless.

PortControl. Local number porting, simplfied.


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