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Why PortControl?

“We knew about PortControl in the Telecom space and the strong reputation [] has in the industry for being reliable and accurate. We said to ourselves, ‘we don’t want to know everything in telco – let manage that while we use PortControl and get the benefits of their knowledge’. One of the applications that we are looking at is to use that system to manage port orders. The idea is that we’ll use PortControl’s APIs to receive and send those notifications and manage those workflows. The CSR/LSR process is the hardest and certainly the most uncoordinated and unstandardized part of the process and it’s frustrating.

We are always looking for ways we can virtualize or leverage resources to make the most out of what we have here. We recognized right away that trying to solve the whole number porting thing ourselves that it was not where we really wanted to go. It just made sense.”

– Michael Crown, President & CEO, FracTEL.


Pillars were achieved by making PortControl FracTEL’s desired solution.

Platform, browser tab, set of APIs, invoice, and support call for all facets of local number porting.

New employees hired to manage a growing local number porting team.


What were you looking for in a solution?

“We were looking for the three pillars: Product, Knowledge, and Service. is similar to us in that we want to automate first. I was a robotic engineer, so automating and looking towards the future is what we see with The self-service that has to offer is what we also needed; it’s a nice balance between self-service without stressing out our organization and we didn’t have to grow our team.

This all stems from the three pillars.


Great technology and forward-thinking mindset.


Seen as industry experts in telecom, a strong foundation.


Customer Support Team is amazing and always available to assist.

Those three pillars really defined [] as an organization and made it easy to use your services, plus the numbers just made sense.”

What specific features of our product were you most impressed with?

“The ability to see the history of a number and see where it was, then being able to port the number all in the same platform is the one of the biggest benefits. The integration of all the funtionality into one application is incredible too. It wasn’t one particular feature, but the fact that everything is in one dashboard.”

How was your onboarding experience? Did you feel like the training and support documents were useful to you and your team?

“I thought it was very seamless. It’s actually easier to use than PortingPro and once I was shown how to use it, I just got it. I really like that everything is in a single platform. The only issue I’ve had has been the password reset issue, but [] solved that quickly. We know that with any big release powerful program like [] did that there would be some issues, but I’m understanding when it comes to things like that.”

Has this solution saved your business money, increased productivity, and/or reduced human error?

“We didn’t have to put the burden onto our team to manage/develop out our LNP department. We are excited to connect into your APIs and see what we can automate on our side. Like I said, we are a lean team and like to look at technology first to solve our problems instead of resources.”

Future Plans

“We try not to get bogged down with events/actions but like to look at all the pieces and see how to remove steps. We want more automation and the ability to integrate more into SmartOffice Innovation and continue to watch consolidate and break down telco walls for better collaboration.

We currently have a RespOrg with SOMOS directly, but hearing about the Toll-Free provisioning and the combination of LNP and Toll-Free into a single portal would be really, really helpful. We know that some of these carriers have had contracts in place for like 100 years and it’s going to take a while to steer that ship, but ultimately, we want it to be easier, faster, more reliable, and more accurate. It’s encouraging knowing that [’s] ambition and desire to solve the big problems exists.

I think [] is spiritually akin to us. [] does a lot of their own development and are trying to solve the hard problems that people have out there. I know [] takes pride in being customer-centric.”

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About FracTEL

We are a full stack telco. We have tandems in 130 LATA’s and have built our own proprietary geo-redundant network with 100% uptime. We know, bold claim, but we have an SLA that has always been met. I think our record kind of speaks for itself. We offer carrier services at both the wholesale and retail business communication level. We have everything from DIDs to Long Distance to E911 to Messaging Solutions to Faxing, as well as an API that allows our customers to access all of those features. We really enjoy technology and our capstone product is our ‘drag and drop’ application, known as our ‘no code automation product, that allows companies to quickly/easily create automation into their features and functions. We wanted to allow customers to create their own integration without have to dedicate development resources to it.

The features we provide allow for integration into many different platforms and a way to take telecom, integrate into other platforms, and communicate efficiently with teams. We know that 9 times out of 10 communication is key to a successful project and why not find easy ways to automate/update people with when,how, and where they would like to receive those messages. Being able to add this to your business process can make all the difference.

We’re a telco at the bottom of it, but we like to think of ourselves as an innovation company. We help people innovate solutions for their business problems and we use telecommunications to do that.


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