ATL Communication Rolls Out Least-Cost Call Routing for Toll-free Savings

NewATL Communications now makes it possible for businesses to minimize their toll-free calling costs through the use of Least-Cost Call Routing (LCR). Estimates indicate that companies can save 20 to 30 percent on carrier fees by implementing an LCR solution.

ATL Communications offers a system that calculates the most efficient and least expensive routes for incoming calls to a toll-free number. The system’s engine takes into account each customer’s existing rate agreements and call-center traffic data to calculate optimal routing.

Least-cost call routing is a natural outgrowth of multi-carrier routing arrangements for toll-free traffic. Early on, LCR planning was done by manual methods and estimates. But now LCR engines provide continuous analysis, bringing speed and accuracy to the process.

“We urge call centers, contact centers and large enterprises to take advantage of the efficiency and savings offered by LCR,” says Brian Lynott, CEO of ATL Communications.

According to Mark Bilton-Smith, General Manager “LCR gives companies the ability to choose the best rate and cheapest route from those offered by more than 100 carriers. There’s no reason to overpay for incoming toll-free calls, give up control of your carrier relationships, or to sacrifice call quality.”

ATL Communications LCR customers can use their existing carriers, including Tier 1 carriers, with ATL’s new LCR solution. To request a no obligation cost savings analysis simply fill out the contact form provided HERE.

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