Ordering Available for 833 Toll Free Prefix

833 Toll Free Prefix
ATL Communications is happy to announce that the online ordering system is now in place. ORDER 833 NUMBERS HERE

Simply open a reservation account for one dollar and enter as many 833 numbers as you would like to reserve. Keep in mind that service fees for reservations will be performance based at $495 for individual reservations or $225 for 2 or more. Once you have opened your account and entered your requested numbers you will receive an email confirmation letting you know which requests were successful placed in queue. On April 23rd, or shortly thereafter, you will be notified which numbers were successfully reserved on your behalf and your credit card on file will be charged accordingly. If you previously submitted a preorder you will be contacted shortly to finalize your requests, open your account, and make any necessary adjustments.

As mentioned in our newly issued press releaseall 833 numbers will be released and available on a first-come-first-served basis, and history has shown that the best numbers will be gone in a matter of seconds. This is because all numbers in the 833 prefix will be released simultaneously and every company with access will attempt to secure the numbers at the same exact moment.

In such a circumstance speed is of the essence. A small handful of companies have access to an MGI connection. MGI is a high-speed data link direct to the SMS Toll-Free database. When the 833 prefix is released, the few companies with MGI access will have a significant advantage over other companies offering reservation services. ATL Communications is one such company providing this service through an MGI connection.

Toll Free numbers are an integral part of every organization. Be sure your company doesn’t miss out on this unique opportunity. Place your orders now.

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