SIP NOC 2020 | Special Webinar Session

The Enabled Enterprise: Leveraging Trusted Solutions to Help Drive Consumer Confidence.

If there’s nothing else that 2020 has taught us, it’s that a whole new era of digital transformation has arrived and is here to stay. In the process of transitioning to a virtual lifestyle – working from home, ordering groceries online and Zoom happy hours to name a few examples – we’ve become increasing reliant on voice, messaging and data services and solutions to keep in touch.

As call and messaging frequency increases; however, so too does the opportunity to take advantage of unassuming consumers who rely on these critical services to stay connected. One of the best ways to stop scammers, frauds and bad actors in their tracks is to enable the trusted solutions our appointed FCC number administrators like SOMOS, and their many industry committees, advisors, and user groups have put in place. When the potential to lose valuable business is at stake, enterprises must act strategically and decisively to implement and adopt authentication enablement solutions that are industry endorsed and trustworthy.

Are you looking for proven ways to enable trusted solutions while at the same time driving innovation and contributing to its adoption? If so, join this webinar to learn more about how enterprise businesses can:

  • Gain control of their valuable toll-free number assets;
  • Choose carriers who guarantee the delivery of their trusted information and communication;
  • Ensure their trusted information and certificates are up to date, accurate, and accessible to service providers and RespOrgs in the SOMOS toll-free number registry and their other known databases; and
  • Contribute to stopping fraudsters in their tracks

Mark Bilton-Smith, President and COO of ATL Communications,, and plans to discuss’s role in enterprise business STIR/SHAKEN compliance and how emerging telecommunications technology is leveraged to gain a competitive edge. “Our carrier-neutral Independent RespOrg business ecosystem supports and empowers telecom providers and enterprise businesses to become an authorized RespOrg without the heavy lift, resource commitments, and regulatory constraints. As a RespOrg, enterprise businesses can ensure their numbers are authenticated in the central database and ensure the carriers they choose will guarantee A-Level attestation. We give enterprise businesses choice – the ability to identify and select trusted providers and the freedom to choose their carriers based on integrity, quality, functionality, support, and adherence to FCC mandates through appointed, trusted, and industry adopted solutions. Carriers who guarantee A-Level attestation will win a large majority of the business from those who seek it,” conveyed Mark when discussing the topics of the upcoming special webinar session. “We hope to educate the industry on the many ways that enterprise businesses can leverage available technologies to grow their businesses while also improving call completion rates, call quality, and security. We want to limit the amount of fraud apparent in our industry through call authentication. As carrier-neutral advocates for consumers and businesses, this is our calling.”

Presented by Ryan Karnas, Director, Product Management, Somos; Justen Davis, Sr. Director, Industry Relations & Public Policy, Somos; Mark Bilton-Smith, President and COO of ATL Communications,, and; and Jaime Zetterstrom, Vice President of Telecom Compliance, Intrado.


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