Toll-Free Least Cost Routing Saves Money Now AND Later

Many of ATL Communications clients benefit from Least Cost Routing implementation. But what is Least Cost Routing, or LCR? Wikipedia defines it as “the process of selecting the path of … communications traffic based on cost”. Simpler still, LCR means routing your calls for the least amount of money. That’s something we can all understand.

Then the question becomes “why do I need someone else’s help?” It’s because setting up a Least Cost Routing program is a very time-consuming, manual process. To set it up properly requires years of experience and knowledge. You need information compiled by a team of industry experts, and combined with powerful computer programs. ATL Communications is the oldest, and remains one of the only, independent RespOrgs, providing LCR services for over 20 years.

Toll-Free Least Cost Routing can save 20 to 30% or more. Yet companies like yours rarely take advantage of these savings because it seems too complex. Or because your carrier has convinced you that they have a comparable solution. Meanwhile, you hand off your carrier relationships, which means you hand off your choice and your control. ATL Communications simplifies this process. You provide the documentation and we do the rest. The result is almost instant savings with very little effort on your part. And you maintain control of your carriers and traffic.

If you think your routing is already optimized, you might be in for a surprise. Visit ATL Communications for a free, no obligation, custom cost analysis to show exactly how much money you could save. Save money now, and save money each proceeding month. What would your budget look like with extra cash in every column? Contact ATL Communications for your custom cost analysis and find out! CLICK HERE

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