What actually does www.855numbers.com do?

What actually happens when an 855 number and a company name is entered on this Website? I have checked with several of the large carriers listed and they do not provide any information. Bill Quimby, the owner of the site, gave this reply:

“It’s a service to collect and bring the reservations to their carrier. Most customers don’t know who to contact or what to do and most carriers don’t have much of a request process yet. So we are collecting and organizing their requests, preventing duplicates and bringing them to their carrier as soon as they’re able to take them. You are correct that none of the large carriers have any information or process for 855s yet. That’s why this is necessary and a service to the customer.

“Vanity number brokers (above) don’t want regular customers to submit requests ahead of time so that they will have more ability to grab what they want for themselves. But a pre-release request process is essential for end customers to have a chance against the brokers and squatters. And many companies may not set up much of a process ahead of time in the next 77 days. And since most phone companies put requests through roughly in the order they come in, this will give the people who place requests early at 855numbers.com a better chance.

“It’s also a benefit to the resporgs because it will reduce the rush of customer requests and make their life easier with an organized spreadsheet of their customer requests. So we’re just helping the regular phone companies and their resporgs by facilitating the communication. It’s a win win!”

To which I replied:

“In my discussions with some of the companies the feeling it is neither helpful nor is it a win/win. The feeling among some is that you are giving people the indication that you have some kind of relationship with these companies and that you shouldn’t list their names on your Website without some kind of permission from them.”

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