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Category: Toll-free Disaster Recovery

Few companies have the deep pockets required to burn
through $50,000 per hour. Yet, a USA Today survey of 200 data center managers found that over 80% of these managers reported that their phone system downtime costs exceeded $50,000 per hour. For over 25% of these 200 data center managers, downtime costs exceeded $500,000 per hour. For professionals using a call center or enterprise communications system, you understand the importance of keeping the phones ringing. However, few people understand that a carrier di- saster recovery plan is the critical foundation to ensuring telecommunications continuity. A down system can indeed be catastrophic because calls go unanswered, employees sit idle, customers go unsupported, and revenue is lost. Preparing your business for a toll-free carrier disaster is paramount to being ahead of an outage, and most call centers don’t even know this is possible.

So, the question to ask is not just whether it’s imperative to have a strong and continuous disaster recovery strategy in place for your phone system. It is highly recommended to also ask the ques- tion: How important are your toll-free lines to your business?

Commonly taken for granted, toll-free inbound traffic is worth protecting for any business – large or small. With looming carrier outages, which can happen at any time, your business needs to plan for a disaster appropriately and create the sought-after redundancy that will ensure toll-free inbound traffic reliability when faced with adverse, and otherwise unforeseen circumstances.