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Data Processing Addendum

This, LLC d/b/a ATLaaS Data Processing Agreement (the “DPA”) reflects the parties’
agreement with respect to the Processing of Personal Data by, LLC d/b/a ATLaaS (the
“Company”) on behalf of the Customer in connection with the Company’s Cloud Software as a Service
Agreement (referred to in this DPA as the “Agreement”). The term of this DPA shall follow the term of
the Agreement. If the Customer entity signing this DPA is not a party to the Agreement but is instead a
customer indirectly, this DPA is not valid and is not legally binding. Such an entity should contact the entity
that is a party to this DPA to discuss whether any amendment to its agreement with that party may be
This DPA applies where and only to the extent that Company processes Personal Data on behalf of the
Customer in the course of providing the Services and such Personal Data is subject to Data Protection Laws
of the appropriate jurisdiction, including the State of California, the United States generally, the European
Union, the European Economic Area and/or its member states, Switzerland and/or the United Kingdom.
The parties agree to comply with the terms and conditions in this DPA in connection with such Personal
Company updates these terms from time to time and will notify the Customer via in-app notification and/or
email. [Read the Complete Data Processing Addendum…]