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Third Party RespOrg Services

Q: How are my numbers protected by using an independent RespOrg?

A: Because ATL Communications gives you your own RespOrg ID where all of your numbers will be housed. You are the only one authorized to release your numbers so there is never any confusion, unlike numbers housed at a carrier facility.

Q: What if I have had repeated problems with someone trying to steal my numbers?

A: In unique situations such as this independent RespOrgs are the perfect solution. We offer an even stricter level of security with a level 99 RespOrg ID. This means extra steps MUST be taken before a number can be moved away. And if someone has already taken your number we offer NASC services where we can pull the number back without waiting for a response from the losing entity.

Q: I have questions about porting my numbers.

A: We get a lot of questions about porting numbers. Read More Here

Toll Free Disaster Recovery

Q: How fast can we get our numbers back up and running?

A: ATL has a direct connection to the SMS database and requests are made in real-time. Because your recovery plan is predefined and only takes two clicks to activate, your request will be at the head of the line above other companies trying to move numbers through standard processes. We offer literally the fastest way to move your traffic.

Q: What if ATL goes down?

A: With so many redundancies and emergency plans in place there is no way that ATL Communications could leave you without some form of access to your numbers. Potential clients often find that hard to believe, but it’s true. There’s no more secure place for your toll free assets.

Least Cost Routing

Q: What do I do once I get the routing template?

A: We find the easiest way for clients to utilize a complex routing template is for one of our agents to apply the template to a toll free number and allow you to simply copy the routing over. Rest assured we are here to help you throughout the entire process.

Q: How much can I save using Least Cost Routing?

A: It really depends on several factors including how many carriers you currently utilize and what rates are in their current rate decks. On average we estimate companies can save 20% of their toll free long distance costs, but we are happy to run a free cost savings analysis to tell you exactly how much you will save.

Local Number Porting

Q: Can I get a demonstration of the new LNP interface?

A: Yes, just fill out our contact form above and let us know what you want, or give us a call at 800-PORTING.

Q: Will the LNP interface be available through API?

A: Yes, the API will be available, too! It will be a rest API, region agnostic, and provide the same information as the GUI interface.