Local Number Porting (LNP)

With our new revolutionary LNP interface and API’s, ATL Communications can help you with every step of this otherwise complicated Local Number Porting process. From LSR to activation and every step in between. We provide intuitive, powerful, easy to use tools, in a cross platform browser interface (or API). This allows you to administer Local Number Pooling directly into NPAC. Whether your looking for tools to increase productivity and empower your staff, to integrate your back office environment, or just need helping hands during an unexpected surge in business or employee loss, ATL has you covered! We can even provide a full hands-on administrative team to act as your outsourced LNP department. A new LNP option is long overdue and ATL Communications is leading the way with high tech solutions for an outdated and undeserved Local Number Porting process.

The Challenges of LNP

Porting local numbers can be an administrative nightmare. If you are a carrier or VoIP provider who has gained access to local number pooling, you understand that you need to complete the following steps to port a number: The gaining carrier must obtain a CSR from the losing carrier. The gaining carrier must write an LSR. The LSR must be submitted to the losing carrier following their specific business rules. The losing carrier generates a FOC with a specific time and date to allow the numbers to be ported. The gaining carrier must initiate the port with an LOA in NPAC. NPAC allows between 4 and 72 hours for the losing carrier to deny the request OR the losing carrier can provide concurrence. Finally the numbers are ported over. Let ATL take all this hassle out of the LNP process!

Your Questions Answered: Local Number Porting

Q: What browsers will the new LNP interface work with?

A: Our Intelligent LNP interface is truly cloud based and will work with most of the mainstream supported browsers.