Local Number Portability Software

We make porting easy so your team can save time and get more done. 

Local Number Portability in PortControl

Is traditional porting wasting your time?

Many teams get bogged down and frustrated by these common porting challenges:

  • Rejections due to inaccurate data
  • Too much email back-and-forth with a losing carrier
  • Combing through CSR files to find important information
  • Porting multiple times with the same carrier over several regions
  • Cumbersome hand-offs from the sales team
  • Field techs stuck waiting for number activation
  • Logging in to several tools and platforms just to complete a simple port

Port your numbers in half the time

PortControl is the ONE platform that makes local number porting and management simple, fast, and reliable.

  • Look up official industry data on any number at any time
  • Keep your records clean, organized, and centralized
  • Get real-time NPAC updates
  • Submit region-free CSR, LSR, and FOC requests
  • Reduce the risk of rejections
  • Smooth out hand-offs between sales and porting teams
  • Audit & improve performance with analytics & reporting
  • Use APIs to pass data to your other tools & systems


We know porting.

Our customers have ported over 500,000 numbers using PortControl

We know how frustrating and cumbersome traditional porting is—that’s why porting teams love our software. 

But don’t just take our word for it…

PortControl customers

“Friends don’t let friends port the hard way!”
– Jeff Crews; Eastern Oregon Net, Inc.

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Product Features:

Manage & control your local numbers

Automate your number porting process

Modernize your LNP department

Lower costs associated with porting numbers

Access portability and number ownership data

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