A Responsible Organization (RespOrg) Manages Toll Free Numbers

RespOrgs manage the information stored about Toll Free numbers – chiefly the Carrier Identification Code (CIC) – in a national database called the SMS/800. This information is used by local carriers to route a call through the appropriate long distance carrier. To think of this process more simply, RespOrgs manage Toll Free Number routing before calls reach the long distance carrier. To improve the efficiency of toll-free management for your business, ATL Communications has built an intuitive, cloud-based toll-free management portal for enterprises, RespOrgs, and carriers called ATLAS Pro.
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Why Become Your Own RespOrg?

If you’re business is already a RespOrg then the benefits should be clear and your business can still benefit greatly from ATL Communications ATLAS Pro platform. If you’re not already your own RespOrg, then becoming your own RespOrg has some serious advantages. As a RespOrg, you have complete control over your toll-free numbers. This means that in the event of a carrier outage, you are able to quickly and efficiently move 100% of your traffic to your back-up carrier or remove the down carrier from your LCR. Basically, your carrier cannot hold your numbers hostage which opens doors to alternative rate decks for least cost routing, disaster recovery solutions, and quicker turn time for re-routes. You also have access to ATL Communications’ award winning 24/7 customer service team who still answer every call live.
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Benefits of ATLAS Pro:

  • Toll-free number management through a powerful and intuitive GUI interface
  • APIs available for toll free search, reserve, and routing for back end integration
  • 2-click disaster recovery re-routes traffic quickly and efficiently in the event of an outage
  • Custom traffic templates allow control between voice carriers to maximize rate discrepancies
  • Inventory reports
  • White label options for carriers including individual customer portal sub-accounts
  • Number parking/long-term storage of active non-routing numbers
  • Direct, real time SOMOS connectivity via MGI’s
  • Multiple plans available to fit any size organization or provider

Your Questions Answered: Independent RespOrgs

Q: Can ATL Communications work with my specific carrier?

A: Yes, as an independent RespOrg we are carrier neutral and already have authorization to use the CIC codes of almost every carrier.

How It Works


Route the number

The CIC code identifies how the number should be routed

Next ORNext

Carrier RespOrg

A Carrier RespOrg uses their own network exclusively

Carrier RespOrg

Independent RespOrg

An Independent RespOrg, like ATL Communications isn’t tied to a single carrier and is free to select the most cost effective route for the call

ATL Communications

Carrier Options

RespOrg Services

Disaster Recovery for Toll Free

What if there was a way to bypass your carrier and get your toll free number(s) working again in minutes? Disaster Recovery service is a powerful tool that promises just that. Learn more about Disaster Recovery

Least Cost Routing

When inbound toll free calls are routed to your company, that traffic can follow several different paths. Least Cost Routing is a method by which we help you determine the lowest cost path. Learn more about Least Cost Routing

Acquire New Toll-Free Numbers

Search and Reserve for either a single vanity number or a large batch of numbers


Intuitive, cloud-based toll-free management portal for enterprises, RespOrgs, and carriers