Has a carrier outage put your business at risk?

Disaster recovery by way of third party RespOrg is an often overlooked but surprisingly inexpensive solution. Not to mention, third party RespOrgs provide a unique solution not available from any other source. During carrier outages, the only option to get your numbers working again is to use an alternate carrier. It’s not in a carrier’s best interests to help you move your numbers away, especially when most of their resources are focused on repairing the outage. This process can be difficult and time consuming.

ATL Communications allows you to bypass the carrier altogether. You have complete control of your numbers, and in the event of an outage it’s a simple one click process to change carriers and get your numbers back up and working. Toll free numbers are one of a company’s most valuable assets. Every incoming call is a potential sale and can equate to actual dollars. When a carrier suffers an outage, it’s your toll free numbers that pay the price.


ATL Puts You in Control

Most telephone carriers act as their own RespOrg. So much so that many people don’t know RespOrgs, especially independent third party RespOrgs, even exist. With a third party RespOrg you have complete control over which carriers get what traffic. You can split traffic by percentage, by geographic area, or even by day and time. By having this control in advance of a disaster it becomes a simple thing to move traffic away during an outage. It’s the fastest, easiest, and most efficient disaster recovery option in the event of carrier outage.

Your Questions Answered: Disaster Recovery

Q: My carrier offers Disaster Recovery, isn’t that enough?

A: No, because carriers don’t offer solutions outside of their own network, or if they do then it’s just not in their best interest to move traffic off of their network during an outage. ATL’s independent RespOrg services allow you to move traffic off of the impacted network right away.