What is Least Cost Routing?

When inbound toll free calls are routed to your company, that traffic can follow several different paths. Least Cost Routing is a method by which we help you determine the lowest cost path. Call quality and stability are never compromised. You can use your existing carriers and maintain full control of your carrier relationships. This means you can use Tier 1 carriers and remain compliant with your existing contracts.

Using criteria such as geographic location, time of day, and carrier rate data, we build a complex routing template which we then load into the SMS 800 database. As a result, your toll free traffic is routed for the least cost possible, saving you money. You don’t have to make any changes. We just help you more efficiently route your traffic and suddenly you have more money in your pocket. It couldn’t be more simple.


LCR Cost Savings Analysis

If you want to know how much money you could save by utilizing ATL Communications Least Cost Routing services, we’ve created a simple, no obligation process. Just follow a few easy steps and we’ll let you know exactly how much money you could save each and every month. Using your existing carrier rate decks and previous month’s call traffic we will devise a Least Cost Routing template and show you how to reduce your monthly overhead through one effortless process.

Your Questions Answered: Least Cost Routing

Q: Do I need more than one carrier to get a least cost routing template?

A: Yes, right now we use your existing carrier rate decks and choose the least expensive carrier for each routing scenario. However, there has been a lot of demand for other options, so if this is a concern for you just keep checking back.