ATL Communications will endeavor to secure the numbers listed on this order form on behalf of the client. The end user will be listed as entered in the form. You agree to allow ATL Communications to charge the credit card provided for the agreed upon service fee for each number successfully reserved. The service fee will be $38.95 per number, unless a discount code has been entered specifying an alternative service fee. You have 45 days from date of reservation to move and/or activate the reserved number(s). If you do not move or activate the numbers within this time frame you understand that ATL Communications may activate the number on your behalf with a carrier of their choosing and charge a setup fee of $25 and service fee of $39. ATL Communications will continue to charge a monthly service fee of $39 until such time that you move or activate the number outside of this agreement. ATL Communications will continue to maintain the reserved numbers for as long as your account is in good standing. Should your payment become delinquent at any time, ATL Communications will make every attempt to contact you to resolve the matter. Should these attempts be unsuccessful ATL Communications relinquishes responsibility of said numbers and may release them back into the spare pool upon the 45th day of delinquency.