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Toll-Free Number Control for The Modern World We Live In

Simplified Enterprise Toll-Free Number Management and Control.

With an ATLaaS-provided, unique RespOrg ID, enterprise businesses control their Toll-Free Number Assets, ensure carrier uptime, update CNAM and DNO, and connect with the consumer. 

Easily manage your brand identity and protect it from spam, fraud, spoofing, and misrepresented fraud scores

  • Freedom of choice. With your ATLaaS RespOrg ID, you gain complete control of your valued toll-free number assets and digital identity.

  • Authoritative Somos, NANPA & NPAC Data integration, updates and distribution ensure your enterprise’s trusted identity is protected and maintained… and can be relied on. 

  • True carrier-neutral redundancy, with your selection of trusted service providers and our vetted Toll-Free RespOrg peering relationships.

  • With ATLaaS, your enterprise Toll-Free numbers become a strategic advantage!


Control, Risk, Fraud & Identity Management Solutions

ATLaaS cloud-based Toll-Free number management portal — ATLaaS easily manage your valuable toll-free number assets through the industry’s most advanced carrier-neutral cloud-based platform.

Learn how enterprise business leaders, like Costco, use ATLaaS’s Unified Number Management Platform to protect and optimize their valuable Toll-Free number assets and protect their brand identity.


ATLaaS is the ONE SaaS based platform with carrier-neutral toll-free number management tools and software solutions — driven by over 27-years of client feedback, reputation and trust.

  • ATLaaS Toll-Free Number Management Platform keeps you in control of your toll-free numbers… even during an outage, whether cyber attack, natural disasters, hardware failures, software bugs or unexplained outages.

  • Complete Toll-Free Enterprise Identity Management through our IP Connect. Control your brand, manage your call flow based on CNAM scores, and optimize call center traffic.

  • ATLaaS Toll-Free Carrier Marketplace – Select from Qualified Enterprise Carrier solutions providers or utilize your current carrier. Easily choose a failover solution provider and let ATLaaS’s Enterprise Toll-Free Number Management Platform provide full control of all of your numbers.

  • World Class Customer Support – You will always reach a real human… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

ATLaaS has managed tens of thousands of our numbers for several years – when we need something, they’re always around to help, armed with years of experience.

Toll Free Forwarding

Toll-Free Connections That Work Every Time & Keep Customer Calls Flowing

The ATLaaS Toll-Free Number Management platform lets you control your numbers… especially during an outage.

You should never be powerless when trying to Manage your company’s toll-free service during carrier outages. At ATLaaS, we believe businesses shouldn’t be left unprotected and without control by limiting themselves to one single toll-free service provider.

Decentralized, Carrier-neutral solutions are not tied to any one service provider. For over 25 years, we remain proud thought leaders and pioneers of carrier-neutral solutions. Over 350 RespOrg IDs are using the ATLAS Toll-Free Number Management platform to manage, control, and protect their toll-free numbers while leveraging their trusted carrier relationships.

We offer affordable, robust and value-minded solutions, to give enterprise customers the advantages of being a RespOrg. We don’t require lengthy, long term contracts and it takes days not months to turn up an ATLaaS solution.

True carrier-neutral redundancy

ATLaaS enables the diversification of service providers and networks.

Freedom of Choice

ATLaaS gives you freedom of choice to work with vetted telecom service providers.

Unique Resporg ID

ATLaaS gives you security, control and protection through obtaining your own unique RespOrg ID.

24/7 X 365 US-Based Support

Advanced support  to keep your number management team moving forward.

Centralized administration tools

Deploy apps and manage products and users from a handy web-based Admin Console.

Easy updates

Access ATLaaS on any device, from anywhere. Start a project on your laptop, track its progress on your phone, and finish on your laptop.

Step-by-step Guides

Learn at your own pace with helpful tutorials, knowledge base access, and client success. Online 24x7x365.

Integration through available APIs

API driven. Integrates the entire ATLaaS Suite of number management solutions.

Redundant Carrier Grade Solutions

Redundant RespOrg network: high reliability, tested and reliable. 

ATLaaS Toll-Free Carrier Market Place

We are a Carrier Neutral Service Provider with one simple goal – your success!

Managed Disaster Recovery

Quickly regain use of critical toll-free numbers after a disaster occurs.