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Toll Free Number Management & Disaster Recovery

Carrier outages? Not a problem. With two-click recovery you can bypass any carrier until they are back up and running. Then easily go back to normal once they’ve restored their service.

The benefits of having an Independent Responsible Organization (RespOrg) manage your toll-free numbers are numerous, but easily summed up into Four words – Protection, Uptime, Control, and Savings. Our intuitive Toll-Free Management Portal delivers a suite of tools that allows you to manage all aspects of your toll-free inventory and routing.


Local Number Porting

For telecom providers, porting a phone number shouldn’t be a struggle. It should be simple. PortControl provides a modern, smart, easy to use SaaS platform for local number porting that removes complexities and frustration. Query both local and toll-free industry data, maintain updates with NPAC in real-time, administrate your network, and port your numbers within one, consistent, end-to-end workflow.

PortControl is the industry’s first solution to offer a frictionless, end-to-end porting experience with an elegant user interface and simplicity at every turn. Derived and developed from the feedback of hundreds of porting experts, PortControl simplifies the complex, essential processes of local number porting saving your business time, money, resources, and headaches.


Toll-Free Search & Reserve

We set out to create the easiest to use, most feature-rich online toll-free search and reserve platform. Your time is valuable and you want your number provisioning to happen quickly – delivers.

Looking for the perfect toll-free vanity number for your business or specific Marketing campaign? Look no further. has access to millions of toll-free numbers with intuitive search options allowing you to find your perfect number in minutes.