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28+ year carrier neutral reputation built on trust

Your Toll-Free Number Management Experts

Driven by our customer-first philosophy, we simplify Toll-Free number ownership and management for Enterprise Businesses and Contact Centers

Empowered with their Unique RespOrg ID, our clients gain freedom, trust, control, uptime, and real-time access to authoritative data, through one innovative SaaS platform.

A Few of Our Satisfied Enterprise Customers

  • TrueCNAM partners with ATL Communications

    Get your Unique RespOrg ID from the worlds first and  largest carrier-neutral RespOrg – ATLaaS

    With a 28-year proven track record of carrier-neutral Toll-Free and Local Number Management service to the telecom community, and as an honored Somos Advisory Board Member for over 4 years.  ATLaaS and have earned a close relationship with Somos and the telecom industry we serve.

    As a carrier neutral provider, our place in this ecosystem is to be the voice of those that use toll free numbers. We add value by listening to the our users then applying their needs to modern, simple, self service SaaS solutions that are backed by knowledgeable, world class client success team members that engage immediately and provide the answers you need. We believe Toll Free numbers are a much more valuable asset to the industry because they can help solve the numerous issues we are facing today with fraud, robocalling, CNAM and brand identity.

    The simple fact is, there is a much smaller inventory of toll free numbers to manage, monitor and control compared to local numbers. To make it more complex, even though there are far less toll free numbers, carriers manage millions of toll free and local numbers. Why let this happen when your enterprise business has the opportunity to completely manage and control your valued toll free numbers! You can’t do this with your local numbers. ATLaaS, combined with your unique carrier neutral RespOrg ID, makes your toll free numbers easy to manage, control and oversee. This means your valuable brand and resources are protected by ensuring that you have control of your vendor selection and their uptime, inbound robocalling and fraud, the reporting of your numbers outbound fraud scores, what your caller ID says and your logo looks like, and the information that shows up when your call is placed to your consumer!

    We Believe

    Its All About Putting You in Control

    In a world quickly moving toward decentralized organizations and projects, our carrier-neutral business model already understands that the measure of greatness is defined by the community we serve.

    Would you let someone else own your companies domain? Then why are you letting someone else control your TFN’s? 

    Simplify an Industry

    Our goal from the start has been to build solutions that simplify the way Toll Free Numbers are managed and to provide industry leading products that provide decentralized carrier-neutral solutions.

    Feedback Matters To Us

    Every solution we build at ATLaaS is based on more than 25-years of trusted industry experience and feedback from telco, enterprise and industry thought leaders.

    SaaS Based Mobile & Desktop Enabled

    We build solutions that work the way you do — in the office, at home or on the road its our goal to put you in control of your  Toll Free Numbers and keep you ahead of outages and loss of valuable customer communications.

    Stable Release Schedule

    Our engineering department is committed to regular and frequent product updates and feature enhancements based on real-world feedback from our existing clients and seek input from around the industry to stay ahead of the curve.

    Customer Focused Solutions Dedicated To Toll Free Number Management

    Let’s Build Great Things Together

    Our products, people, and carrier-neutral business model exist to level the playing field and empower your business in the modern, dynamic world we live in. For over 27 years, we built our reputation on trust and carrier neutrality. Our measurement of success is simple: your absolute confidence in managing your numbers.


    Years in Business

    1,000,000K +

    Toll Free Numbers Protected by Our Enterprise Level Unique RespOrg — ATLaaSS


    Average Client Satisfaction Rate

    27+ Years Of Proven Toll Free Number Management Results

    Robust Toll-Free Number Management Solutions Developed For Enterprise Businesses & Call Centers

    We give the telecom industry, services providers, enterprise businesses and their consumers ONE solution that makes Toll-Free Number management, simple, fast, reliable, secure and always available in the modern, dynamic world we live in.

    Toll-Free Numbers are the worlds only numbering resource that gives enterprise businesses & call centers complete control of their companies’ most valued numbering assets

    ATLaaS Cloud-Based TFN Portal – The world’s only toll-free unique carrier-neutral RespOrg ID SaaS platform that puts your enterprise business in complete control of your;

    • Unique RespOrg ID
    • Numbering inventory assets
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Valued Carrier Relationships
    • Call Routing
    • Brand Identity – Caller ID updates & Fraud Score mitigation
    • Fraud Reports – fraud score mitigation
    • And Local Number inventory control coming soon!
    AtlaaS Enterprise

    Carrier-Neutral, Unique RespOrg ID, Toll-Free Number Management SaaS Based Portal

    Stop feeling powerless when disaster strikes with the ATLaaS TFN Number Management Portal you have the ability to gain control of your toll-free numbers with a true enterprise solution that not only safeguards your business from carrier outages but also gives you back control of your brand identity and coming soon the ability to reduce fraud through our cloud based ATLaaS platform.

    Easy Toll-Free DR

    Get your RespOrg ID and let our world-class support team implement your carrier-neutral disaster recovery plan that utilizes your multiple carrier relationships only available to RespOrgs.

    Enterprise Focused

    Over 350 RespOrg IDs are using the ATLAS Toll-Free Number Management platform to manage, control, and protect their toll-free numbers while leveraging their trusted carrier relationships.


    Decentralized, Carrier-neutral solutions are not tied to any one service provider. For over 27 years, we remain proud thought leaders and pioneers of carrier-neutral solutions built with eneterprise customers and their customers in mind.