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Disaster Recovery. Call Routing. Brand Identity & Fraud Mitigation

ATLaaS  TFN Management Portal Gives Enterprise Businesses and Call Centers Control Over Their Toll-Free Numbering Assets.

You wouldn’t give up control of your company’s domain name. 

Then why are you giving up control of your company’s Toll-Free number assets?

Toll-Free numbers provide a valuable lifeline between your customer service teams, sales offices, marketing campaigns and your business’s bottom line.

With ATLaaS, your enterprise business has the opportunity to completely manage and control its valued toll free numbers in a way you simply can not do with local numbers. 

ATLaaS, combined with your unique carrier neutral RespOrg ID, makes your toll free numbers easy to manage, control and oversee. This means your valuable brand and resources are protected by ensuring that YOU have control of your vendor selection and their uptime, inbound robocalling and fraud, the reporting of your numbers’ outbound fraud scores, what your caller ID says and your logo looks likeand the information that shows up when your call is placed to your consumer!

Experience the unmatched advantages of ATLaaS today:


You no longer have to be at the mercy of one carrier. Empower your business by selecting the best combination of carriers to suit your needs. 


With ATLaaS, you manage, update, mitigate and share your toll-free numbering identity with the industry.


With your unique ATLaaS RespOrg ID, YOU have full ownership and management of your toll-free


Ensure uninterrupted call flow and uptime through vetted and trusted carrier options.

We Demystify Telecom with Easy To Use Toll-Free Solutions That Put You in Control of Your Number Assets, Expenses, Routing, Disaster Recovery & Brand Identity

The benefits of having an independent, carrier-neutral Responsible Organization (RespOrg ID) to manage your toll-free numbers are numerous, but easily summed up in five words: Protection, Uptime, Simplicity, Savings and Control.

ATLaaS API’s make integration into your existing workflow easier than ever

With ATLaaS APIs, developers can quickly access and implement existing – fully tested – functionality, instead of creating untested solutions from scratch. And, because our ATLaaS TFN APIs are cloud-based, you don’t need to be concerned with installing, testing and validating additional solutions on your physical network.

ATLaaS TFN Management Platform.

You can route traffic by percentage, geographic area, or even by time of day, through ATL’s Enhanced Template Management. Disaster recovery becomes as simple as a few clicks to re-route your traffic in the event of a carrier outage.

ATL’s award-winning toll-free management portal, ATLaaS, allows both Wholesale and Retail customers to be their own RespOrg – enabling full control over toll-free disaster recovery, inventory, routing and brand identity.

CNAM, Brand Identity, and Fraud Scores

CNAM stands for Calling Name Delivery or Caller ID Name. CNAM is the service that provides the name of a caller, and is related to CLID (Caller ID / Caller Identification), which is the telephone number of the person calling you. 

Our enhanced CNAM is an API-powered SaaS solution that gives service providers the ability to easily dip, store, modify and distribute any CNAM record to and from a single authoritative platform. Enhanced CNAM also includes a revenue sharing model that pays users of the service when stored numbers get dipped.

Get clear visibility & gain control of your TFN assets with ATLaaS – the cloud-based toll-free number management solution developed to give enterprise users control of their toll-free numbers, brand ID, fraud Mitigation and disaster recovery.

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