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We Are ATLaaS – A Thought Leader In The Telecom Industry

The World’s First & Largest Carrier-Neutral RespOrg

For over 27 years, we remain proud thought leaders and pioneers of carrier-neutral solutions built with you and your customers in mind. Over 350 RespOrg IDs are using the ATLAS Toll-Free Number Management platform and the NEW ATLaaS SaaS Based Portal to manage, control, and protect their toll-free numbers while leveraging their trusted carrier relationships.

Our Mission

Driven by our customer-first philosophy, we simplify Toll-Free number ownership and management for Service Providers, Enterprise Businesses, and Contact Centers. Empowered with their Unique RespOrg ID, our clients gain freedom, trust, control, uptime, and real-time access to authoritative data, through one innovative SaaS platform

What We Believe

It’s pretty simple – people are a company’s greatest asset. Taking care of our employees first leads to taking care of each other, resulting in happy customers. We understand this. We understand that the best thing we can do for employees – a perk better than ping-pong tables, a break room full of amenities, or free tacos – is to hire Drivers to work alongside them. Excellent co-workers surpass everything else. That’s why we promise our employees that we will continue to surround them with learning leaders who are driven by the desire for personal and professional growth, always challenging one another through an endless contribution to this common bond. Like a compass, our core values guide each team member in this unwavering commitment and breathe life into our company’s culture that lives in every interaction experienced throughout the world. We promise that by maintaining this standard of excellence, and surrounding our employees with Drivers, our business will always remain a home away from home.A Driver is our ‘Ideal Team Player’ – What better way to tie our company to our employees, and employees to our company, than to give them a befitting title?

Meet The Toll Free Number Asset Team That’s Working Hard  to Simplify TFN Management for the Enterprise

We give the telecom industry, services providers, enterprise businesses and their consumers ONE solution that makes Local Number Porting and Toll-Free Number management, simple, fast, reliable, secure and always available in the modern, dynamic world we live in.

Mark Bilton-Smith

With over 32 years in the telecommunications and data communication arena, Mark has positioned himself as an industry thought leader capable of disrupting technology norms.

“Hey Sara” Hutchinson
Product Manager

Sara is the adept leader steering the helm of the product development team at
With a relentless commitment to upholding our distinguished reputation for service excellence, her approach is infused with both fervor and integrity.
Beyond her professional expertise, Sara finds solace in the embrace of the outdoors and channels her industrious spirit even during her well-deserved days of respite.

Lea Espy
Customer Success Supervisor & POrtControl Lead

With a B.S. in Telecom Management and over 25 years of experience Lea possesses the knowledge and expertise in solving problems quickly and with accuracy.  As the SME in Local Number Porting, you can count on Lea to get the job done while providing World Class customer service to our clients.

Carmelita “Carm” Berquist
Client Success Specialist &
ATLaaS Product Lead

As our LNP and RespOrg Specialist  Carmelita manages the critical and time-sensitive day to day operational components of the number porting process including Local Number Portability (LNP), RespOrg (Toll-Free), Caller ID (CNAM) and Template routing.

Pedro Burgos
Software engineer

Senior web engineer with more than a decade of applicatiton development experience

Anna “Show Me The Money” Olds

Anna graduated from The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN with a B.S. in Accounting and Management. She brings 10 years of accounting experience in private and public accounting experience to the team at ATL Communications.

Drew Anderson
National Sales Manager, Local Number Porting

Experienced Sales Professional who specializes in developing trusting relationships and strives to exceed goals. Consistently a top performer and exceeding sales quotas year over year. Consulting on building sales champion culture through a winning atmosphere. Raised over 2 million for local non profits and organizations supporting the homeless, mentally disabled and handicapped.

Joyce Green
Joyce specializes in the overall LNP process, both port in and port out, and has extensive experience with carriers.
Christina Walton
Client Success Specialist

Meet Christina, a dedicated Client Success Specialist with a knack for fostering strong and lasting relationships.
With a genuine passion for understanding client needs, Christina goes above and beyond to ensure their success and satisfaction. 
Her exceptional communication skills and strategic mindset allow her to tailor solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.

Allen Nimo
Director of Engineering, Technology and Innovation

Leading the way as the Director of Engineering, Technology, and Innovation, Allen spearheads the convergence of technical prowess and inventive thinking. With a track record of guiding teams towards groundbreaking solutions, he orchestrates the harmonious blend of engineering excellence and cutting-edge innovation.  Together with a dedicated team, we push the boundaries of what’s possible and pave the path for a future shaped by innovation

World Class Customer Support

Client Satisfaction is at the heart of who we are & everything we do at ATLaaS

Yeah, we’re pretty serious around here about our customer support. If the numbers don’t make that clear, give us a call. You will always reach a real human. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Yes, even on New Years Eve (Sorry, we probably can’t call you a taxi – but we would definitely try!).

At ATLaaS We Develop Decentralized Telecom Software Solutions Empowered By Freedom of Choice And Supported by A Global Community of Industry Professionals.

Connect with ATLaaS

You’re not going to hit a ridiculously long phone menu when you call us. Your email isn’t going to the inbox abyss, never to be seen or heard from again. At ATLaaS, we provide the exceptional service we’d want to experience ourselves!