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Enterprise focused APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that enable rapid integration with your existing technology stack. No need to be a telcom engineer, ATLaaS has done the heavy lifting so you can focus your efforts on call flow to your sales desk,  happy customers and your bottom line.

ATL as a Service (ATLaaS), is the culmination of more than 27 years of telcom thought leadership and solutions designed to empower the customer through a carrier-neutral  business model that puts you in control of your toll-free assets.

Gain control of your toll-free numbers including disaster recovery, enhanced identity mangement, fraud control and IP connectivity with ATLaaS TF API’s

Stay ahead of the pack, maintain an edge, and dominate the marketplace with the ATLaaS Toll-Free number management Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) developed to give enterprise customers control over their toll-free number assets and disaster recovery (DR) solutions.  

ATLaaS Toll-Free Cloud-based APIs offer a powerful solution for enterprise customers,  enabling faster application development, a quicker return on investment and increased productivity of  engineering staff.

With ATLaaS APIs, developers can quickly access and implement existing – fully tested –  functionality instead of creating untested solutions from scratch. And because our ATLaaS TF API’s are cloud-based you don’t need to be concerned with installing, testing and validating additional solutions on your physical network.

Enhanced CNAM API’s

CNAM stands for Calling Name Delivery or Caller ID Name. CNAM is the service that provides the name of a caller, and is related to CLID (Caller ID / Caller Identification), which is the telephone number of the person calling you. Enhanced CNAM is an API powered SaaS based solution from that gives service providers the ability to easily dip, store, modify and distribute any CNAM record to and from a single authoritative platform. Enhanced CNAM also incudes a revenue sharing model that pays users of the service when their stored numbers get dipped.

With Enhanced CNAM API’s You Get Paid For Dips On Your Stored Inserts

Enhanced CNAM for Enterprise users enables users to easily dip, store, modify and distribute any CNAM record without having to log into another application, website or start another dreaded email chain – ATLaaS API’s  then transmits the data to service providers for consumption by carriers. If your data gets dipped you get paid – its that simple!

  • Enhanced CNAM API’s — Wicked-fast millisecond response times, non-cached data, easy integration with your existing workflow

  • Only Pay For Good Data — Customers are only charged for successful dips, and unique 3rd party escalation is available 

  • Get Paid For Dips — Competitive pricing and a revenue sharing model, get paid when your stored numbers are dipped.

  • Number Reputation — provides the reputation of a calling number, indicating the likelihood of an unwanted call

Are you ready to save time, cut down on email, and streamline your entire local number porting and management process within one platform? Schedule a Consultation Today!

Toll-Free Number Management Solutions That Empower Enterprise Customers to Gain Control Over Their Toll-Free Number Assets.

With ATLaaS you can now manage & protect your companies Toll-Free numbers including Disaster Recovery in the event of a carrier outage.

Try ATLaaS Toll-Free API’s & Start Simplifying Toll-Free Number Asset Management For Your  Company