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ATL Communications Announces Sponsorship: Somos Toll-Free User Summit

ATL Communications Announces Sponsorship: Somos Toll-Free User Summit

Platinum sponsors of the Somos Toll-Free Users Summit, #TFUS17, to be held in Chicago later this month, ATL will be showcasing their latest technological advancements and several new products.

Somos, the body that manages and administers the Toll-Free Number Registry, created this annual event as a way for over a hundred RespOrgs, Service Providers, and key influencers to connect, collaborate, learn, and network as they discuss the latest topics and trends that impact the industry.

At this year’s event, ATL Communication is listed as one of three nominees for the Toll-Free Industry Advocacy Award. ATL is well known for its excellence in service and for continually lobbying on behalf of end-users for better regulations and processes. Most recently ATL has begun leading the charge against toll-free fraud abuses which have been on the rise over the past several years.

ATL Communications CEO, Brian Lynott, and Ali Bijanfar, CTO, will both be speaking during the summit. Brian Lynott will be a panelist at the “Drivers of Toll-Free Innovation” session alongside Somos CEO Gina Perini, while Ali Bijanfar will be a panelist at the “Toll-Free Number Registry” session. Also in attendance will be, President, Mark Bilton-Smith (nominated to the Advisory Board earlier this year), Client Relations Director, Christy Belcher (active User Group participant), and Director of Sales and Marketing, Christy Green.

Of the event, Brian Lynott was quoted as saying “We are very excited to sponsor such an amazing event. To have a place each year where members of our community can come together and share knowledge, learn from one another, and help build a better industry is a real advantage to us all.”

To schedule a time to meet with one of ATL’s representatives at the event, Click Here or stop by their booth for more information.

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