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Don’t Wait For Disaster To Strike – Disaster Recovery & Routing Optimization

Don’t Wait For Disaster To Strike – Disaster Recovery & Routing Optimization

ATL Communications Community, 

No matter how prepared or how good we are, the simple fact is, outages will happen. In Q4 of 2017, a major carrier experienced a nationwide outage, leaving many of their clients with comprised phone lines. Amid the outage, clients who were unprotected from network outages, and unable to switch their toll-free traffic to route to an alternate provider, were unfortunately subjected to a complete interruption of service for hours.

Those protected by the ATL Communications solution to disaster recovery planning we’re able to quickly switch carriers and regain service in minutes. As a result, some saved thousands of dollars, and others, tens of thousands, in customer acquisition and customer retention. In addition, down phones can prevent you from making your service level commitments which can result in fines.

Protect your telecommunication assets from system outages with a comprehensive toll-free disaster recovery solution that allows you to focus on your business, while we ensure your telecommunication assets are available around the clock. With plans starting as low as $49 a month we encourage you to enquire today.

Message from the President

Mark Bilton-Smith

Hello ATL Communications Community,
We are celebrating 25 years in business this year!Nearing the end of 2017 during our bi-weekly round table meeting, an ATL team member stated that not only do we need to let every business in the United States know how simple it is to create a disaster recovery solution for their Toll-Free Number(s), we need to make it attainable and affordable. When we were a good company we built our reputation by offering this service to every national or regional carrier, and elite enterprise business in the U.S. In an effort to become a Great company, we prepared and delivered a solution that would allow every company, large and small, who consider their Toll-Free number to be mission critical the same world class service at an affordable price.

RoutingPro – A Comprehensive Rating, Routing, and Management Platform for Voice 


  • ATL’s Analytics Platform rates all your calls on a continuous basis, providing you with up-to-date cost information as soon as it’s available
  • Know your costs by number, vendor, customer, and areaCost alarming lets you know when margins go negative
  • Up-to-the-minute dashboarding provides an at-a-glance snapshot of the current state of network performance
  • Quickly find call records for troubleshooting and export records in custom defined formats


  • Key performance metric alarms let you know when network performance has degraded, while variance alarms let you know when traffic is down unexpectedly
  • Financial alarms to alert you when selling at a loss or when average costs exceed the norm


  • Keep track of your current costs vs. optimal costs and know when it is time to update your Toll-Free route maps for an optimal LCR
  • Automatic LCR generation that is built directly from your rate deck
  • Easily manage a large vendor base for the best rates in all regions
  • Set minimum margins for each customer and vendor, as well as customizable LCR for each customer

Some of Our Customers

  • TrueCNAM partners with ATL Communications