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The Carrier Neutral Toll-Free Management Platform That Puts You In Total Control of Your Toll-Free Number Assets, Brand Identity, Disaster Recovery, Call Routing and Fraud Prevention.

ATL’s ATLAS Toll-Free Number Management Platform
Brings TFN Control to The Enterprise

The benefits of having an independent, carrier-neutral Responsible Organization (RespOrg) manage your toll-free numbers are numerous, but easily summed up in five words: Protection, Uptime, Simplicity, Control, and Savings.  ATL’s intuitive toll-free management platform — ATLAS — delivers a suite of solutions that allows IT managers to control all aspects of their companies toll-free inventory.

Stop Feeling Powerless. Its Time To Take Back Control Of Your Toll-Free Numbers

With Atlas from ATL Communications IT Teams now have a powerful tool at their disposal that makes it easy to Split traffic by percentage, geographic area, or even by day and time to better control costs or load balance call volume. Atlas+ provides additional solutions for fraud prevention, identity management and disaster recovery (Toll-free DR), making Atlas the most complete toll-free number management solution available. 

ATL’s award-winning toll-free management portal, ATLAS, allows both Wholesale and Retail customers to be their own RespOrg – enabling full control over their toll-free inventory, routing their own inbound traffic, and managing their own inbound carriers.

– ATLAS+ DR is integral to any Enterprise disaster plan, as we provide carrier-grade tools and support to route your inbound toll-free traffic in case of an outage

ATLAS Disaster Recovery (DR)

Don’t wait for a carrier’s respose – ATLAS gives you the power to act
  • Control your own inventory and routing
  • Search & Reserve TFNs directly from the SMS/800 Database
  • Take advantage of carrier rate variances for LCR
  • Use our APIs to automate toll-free management within your telco environment
  • Toll-Free Number Porting
  • On demand Traffic Shaping
  • Total visibility of your toll-free numbers
  • Fraud mitigation

Features & Benefits

Atlas Disaster Recovery (DR) Enterprise Edition 

World-class customer support

24/7/365. Always speak with a real person, based in Bend, Oregon

Easy to Use

Toll-free number management through a powerful and innovative GUI interface

On the fly routing

Powerful and intuitive Disaster Recovery routing module which enables routing changes to be made on the fly in the event of a carrier outage

Custom traffic templates

Custom traffic templates allow control between voice carriers to maximize rate discrepancies

Number parking

Number parking/long-term storage of active non-routing numbers

Live SOMOS Connection

Direct, real-time connection to SOMOS

Route Traffic

You choose, in any given moment, which carrier receives what traffic

Disaster Recovery options

Disaster Recovery options are customized and tailored to meet your company’s unique needs

Sunny day Routing

All Disaster Recovery routing options include the ability to revert to your sunny day routing post-Disaster using pre-set templates

Managed Permissions

You control who has access to the Disaster Recovery module via client managed permissions

Industry Leading Uptime

Industry-leading uptime ensures you always have access to your traffic routing

Custom options Available

APIs available for back end integration and White label options for carriers including individual customer portal sub-accounts



The history, importance and process of disaster recovery (DR) for toll-free. The ultimate guide to taking control of your toll-free numbers while protecting your business from carrier outages