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ATLaaS: ATL as a Service

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Don’t panic! You’ve prepared for this. It’s time to put your pre- determined plan into action.

A good disaster recovery plan is only as strong as its design. When that design is well thought out and methodically tested, mitigating disasters becomes the easiest part of an outage.

Implementing your disaster recovery plan is as easy as identifying the offending carrier and choosing the pre-determined routing plan appropriate for the situation. The more carriers you have, the more disaster recovery routing plans you will want to develop to cover each scenario.

Once you have removed the dark carrier from the routing, you will want to make a few test calls. After confirming that everything is operational, it’s back to business as usual. When you have identified that your original carrier has regained functionality, it’s time to switch back to your ‘sunny day’ routing.

Really! That’s it. No more juggling calls to every vendor you can think of, no more angry emails from management and customers, and no more lengthy apologies explaining why you just slaughtered your Service Level Agreements.

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