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Disaster Recovery- How to prepare for Carrier Outages

Disaster Recovery- How to prepare for Carrier Outages

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Time is money – and any businesses that face downtime lose a lot more than just money. Carrier outages are more common than you think – in October 2016, all major phone carriers on the east coast of the United States faced an outage, which lasted for almost an hour.

If you are using a single carrier for your toll-free numbers, you are also vulnerable to this threat – your customers will not be able to reach you which translates to losing out on your business.

The only way to avoid this threat is by utilizing a third party RespOrg, which has the ability to recover your lines quickly and efficiently from this type of disaster.

How can Resporgs help you with Carrier Outages?

ATL Communications is the largest and oldest Independent RespOrg (Responsible Organization) and has the experience necessary to route your call traffic across different networks. When one carrier faces an outage, your third-party RespOrg can have a disaster recovery plan, sometimes referred to as a failover plan, ready to implement and immediately recover your traffic.

It’s like air traffic control!

Consider that your call carrier is the runway of an airport, your call traffic is the incoming plane, and the RespOrg is the air traffic controller. The air traffic controller is responsible for directing the incoming flights to the assigned runways at the right time. When it finds that a runway is blocked or cannot be accessed, it can direct the flights to another runway that is available. RespOrg works in the same way as an air traffic controller by routing your incoming calls to other networks when one carrier is down.

Independent RespOrgs work in your best interest!

Carriers are business entities themselves and look out for profit when handling your call traffic. When the single carrier you are using goes down, they are hesitant to use this multi-faceted strategy of disaster recovery since it results in loss of revenue for them. However, ATL Communications, an independent RespOrg, understands the interest of your customers and helps maintain your normal call traffic during carrier outages.

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