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Toll-Free Search and Query Available!

Toll-Free Search and Query Available!

Back by popular demand, our ATL Communications “Search” and “Query” options are now live. New and improved but with the same valuable information as always. Visit our Toll-Free services page to access these great tools: SEARCH NOW<>

SEARCH- Our search function is a great way to find toll-free numbers currently available. Search by numbers or letters and see toll-free results that you can reserve today. These are numbers available to any carrier on any network. Or you can contact us to help you through the process.

QUERY- The query function shows which Responsible Organization currently controls a specific number. Results show the status of the number as well as contact information for the RespOrg in question.

These latest functions are just the first in a series of new tools being developed by ATL. Stay tuned in the coming months for even easier ways to search, reserve, activate, manage, and maintain your toll-free numbers. For more information on our services please visit our site at:

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